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The Novus Programme

Developing tomorrow's IT professionals today

What is the Novus Graduate Programme?

The Novus programme is an established low-risk, low cost alternative to the UK IT contracting market, providing industry trained and accredited test analysts and software developers in a cost-effective and highly flexible manner.

We take the best STEM and IT graduates and train them in the latest IT skills and technologies. This geographically flexible pool of test analysts and software developers is then readily deployable to meet your project needs.

7 key benefits of the Novus programme

  • Low cost alternative to the contracting market, offering flexibility and guaranteed resource continuity for up to two years
  • Ensures you have the highest calibre resource as we rigorously assess the best STEM and IT graduates before selecting them for our programme
  • Enables quick ramp up of IT resource in line with project peaks and troughs
  • Guaranteed skill-set as candidates receive industry recognised training and accreditations with ongoing career development provided by our expert consultants
  • Bespoke training to meet business and project needs
  • Able to retain Novus after their two year Capita contract ensuring knowledge retention within your organisation
  • Readily deployable with complete UK geographic flexibility

Contact us

Complete the short form below to find out more and one of our experienced team members will be in contact shortly:

Alternatively you can call us on 01444 447221.

Watch our short video to find out how the Novus graduate programme works:

  • Find out what skills our test analysts learn on the Novus programme here.
  • Find out what skills our software developers learn on the Novus programme here.
  • For more information about the Novus programme click here to download a PDF.

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