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Every organisation in every sector must test its IT. Whether it’s functional, unit, system or integration, as our niche specialists say: “You name it; they need it.” But that doesn’t mean we adopt a broad-brush approach to placing talent. Our consultants strive to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the market; in fact, they pride themselves on knowing which people are available, when they’re available and who are the outstanding candidates.

Contract and permanent roles

We recruit across contract and permanent markets for roles including test analysts and QA consultants right the way up to test managers and portfolio managers but more importantly both automation and manual testing specialists.

Testing is, of course, about making sure products work the way they are designed and created to and that they continue working in that way. While the market can be broken down into pre-release and ongoing quality assurance, there are many specific tools and technologies out there. Our consultants pro-actively take time to get to know the latest tools and techniques so that they can guide clients to make sure talent and roles are successfully matched.

Our consultants realise that their greatest asset is the exchange of information. They regularly meet their candidates face-to-face, engaging with them at meet-ups and learning about new tools and technologies (and the contexts in which they are used) so that they can stay on top of market dynamics. Of course, being part of Capita – renowned for its own testing division – means our consultants can not only talk to testing colleagues about new technologies and their applications, but have also used this relationship to put in place a stringent technical pre-screening process.

This commitment to constant learning, amassing knowledge through reading, research and talking to candidates and clients is what makes our recruiters true niche specialists.

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