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Our Success stories: Darrell Muswell

Name: Darrell Muswell
Job Title: Senior Recruitment Consultant


How long have you worked for Capita IT Resourcing and when did you join?

Total of 4 and half years with a 6 month break half way through.

Why did you decide to join Capita IT Resourcing?
I decided to join Capita IT resourcing because I wanted to come in and reach management and believed I could here.

What has been the highlight of your time with Capita?
My highlight at Capita is holding the record for the highest perm month.

What promotions have you received during your time with Capita?
I have received 2 promotions; principal and team lead.

How has this affected your life outside of work?
I have managed to buy my house and get married.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining Capita IT Resourcing?
I would strongly advise them to join but only if they joined my team.

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