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We believe in engagement with each client on a unique basis. Client needs are assessed according to individual projects, roles and always bearing in mind the size and business objectives of the organisation.

Niche IT and digital recruitment

Capita IT Resourcing offers a unique business blend: the benefits of niche expertise combined with the backing of a large organisation. All our recruiters are niche specialists yet our size means we can fulfil large and small requirements and access resources across the UK and Europe.

IT recruitment campaigns and master vendor solutions

Capita excels in conducting Managed Services. Our leading-edge approach to recruitment aligns your organisation's talent acquisition needs with business goals and corporate strategies. We transform recruitment processes in organisations of all sizes and in all sectors, helping businesses improve their talent acquisition planning and forecasting. 

Contractor transitions

If your organisation currently employs an army of contractors reporting to myriad agencies and under a variety of contracts, our Contractor Transitions service could align that talent under one Capita contract, saving your organisation valuable negotiation time.

Managed accounts

Our managed accounts team comprises seven highly skilled recruiters, who use their industry experience to build bespoke relationships – and crucially, provide a single point of contact – with clients and gain a full understanding of exact requirements.

Novus graduate programme

Our unique graduate recruitment and training programme can provide clients with the finest IT graduates who augment their knowledge through real-world experience. Novus teams can work independently or integrate seamlessly into established client operations and are fully supported by senior Capita staff throughout their engagement.

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