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IT recruitment campaigns and master vendor solutions

Capita excels in conducting Managed Services. Our leading-edge approach to recruitment aligns your organisation’s talent acquisition needs with business goals and corporate strategies. We transform recruitment processes in organisations of all sizes and in all sectors, helping businesses improve their talent acquisition planning and forecasting. 

Capita IT Resourcing brings the same high-quality service solution to your organisation’s IT function – but with a sharp focus. Not every organisation will require a full Recruitment Process Outsource for all its recruitment needs, but outsourcing specific functions saves time and money and streamlines the recruitment process with relevant stakeholders.

For example, we can:
  • Manage and implement a campaign search to recruitment for a particular project
  • Create assessment centres and profile packs
  • Offer candidate testing so that you know that candidates will meet your technical needs and fit seamlessly into the culture of your organisation.
Alternatively, we can manage populations of IT contract resource, simplifying processes through a single point of contact whilst improving legislative compliance.

On smaller-scale projects, selecting appropriate talent is imperative to the project’s success. Capita IT Resourcing’s recruiters are niche specialists, concentrating on technology verticals. They know their markets inside out because they’re committed to staying ahead of market trends and technology updates. They engage with the best candidates every day and research new developments so are in contact with the most appropriate talent available in the market, whether contract or permanent.

We can offer end-to-end search for the implementation of a team or a single key hire. Using our talent to find your talent, we can rationalise part or all of your recruitment process, saving your organisation valuable time. Our approach goes way beyond simply handing over a CV; it’s a genuine recruitment solution.

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