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5 tips for graduates: How to stay motivated in your job search

Stacy Chance
It’s no myth that the IT industry is increasingly getting more competitive, with graduates leaving university with a degree in a number of IT and STEM related subjects. As a result it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Job hunting for that ideal IT role can be pretty heart-breaking at times, but the key to success is to remain positive and motivated.

Here are five tips that are sure to keep you motivated throughout your search.

1. Focus on what you can do and not what you can't

You’re human and you will feel frustrated at some point during your search for the perfect role, but unfortunately, you can’t expect to get the job every time. One way to remain positive is to remind yourself of the skills you do have, what you’re good at and to be confident about this when you get to the interview stage.

2. Network with recruiters and employers

It’s important to build relationships with recruiters and employers in the IT field. Give them a call or email them to find out if they’re looking for anyone with your skills – you could even send your CV to them for future reference which shows that you are keen and proactive. You can send us your CV here.

Recruitment agencies should definitely be utilised in your job search because they can save you time by sending you only roles that are relevant, prepare you for interviews, give you CV and career advice, let you know what’s happening in the market and give you constructive feedback on previous interviews.

3. Set yourself realistic goals

If you are searching for a permanent role you shouldn’t expect to secure a job within just one week of searching – and you should never expect to be the only person a company is interviewing for a role. Try to have a target number of roles to apply for each day, as doing this should mean you can stay focused on your job hunt. You should note down when deadlines are for roles you are considering too, as you don’t want to miss out simply because you forget a date. However, it is best to apply as soon as you see a role you like as some may be filled before a deadline if a suitable candidate comes along.

4. Prepare and plan for all interviews

It’s vital that you spend time planning for any interview you have because the better you plan, the better you will perform and the more confidence you will have. This will often be evident to hiring managers, meaning you have more chance of landing that all important role. A good practicing technique is to have a friend or family member quiz you in a similar style to what you might face during an interview.

5. Use interview feedback wisely

A word of advice – don’t punish yourself if you don’t get the job you’ve interviewed for. It happens to us all. Use the feedback you have received and work on it. If, for example, they said that you were lacking confidence, work on your tone of voice, your eye contact and your body language. There's nothing you can't fix.

Take these tips on board and good luck in your job search! 

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