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Who is Capita? – Capita plc is a professional services company that provides transformational business services and solutions to a range of clients in a number of different industries. We work with clients in the public and private sectors, helping to deliver value and provide quality services.  

How often does Capita recruit? – We recruit throughout the year on a six-weekly rolling recruitment basis. 

How many candidates do you recruit in each recruitment phase? – We accept between six and ten candidates onto each of our programmes. 

Do you sponsor work permits for people who are not UK/EU passport holders?Unfortunately we do not. We can only accept applications from UK and EU applicants owing to the possibility of being placed abroad. However we do accept applicants from outside the EU if they hold ILR with the right to work.

Will I have to pay for the training? – Capita will cover the cost of your training provided you stay with us for two years after the training period. 

What kind of degree do I need to apply to the Novus programme? – An IT or STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is preferred for our test analyst or software developer roles. 

How do I know which training stream to pick? – Each of our training streams offers a different way to start your career in IT. Certain people will be better suited to a certain stream, and we will provide help and guidance as part of the recruitment process. 

Will I earn a salary during my two years with Capita? – Once you start your employment with Capita you will start earning a salary and will have pay reviews during your time with us based on your professional development and performance.  

Can I continue my training after the initial training period? – Capita will continue to provide you with ongoing professional development throughout your time with us, helping you improve your skillset and build up your CV. Some of our clients may ask for you to have specific training and skills, which we will fund the cost of obtaining.  

What happens at the end of the two years with Capita? – After your initial two-year commitment to Capita you can choose to continue your career with us within our consultancy division or you could be offered a permanent position on a site you have been working on. 

What kind of hours will I be working? – On average you will work a 37.5-hour week. Owing to the nature of the work, you may need to be flexible in order to fulfil specific business requirements. 

What kind of sectors will I be working in? – We work with many companies across a range of sectors and industries including banking, government, media, gaming, defence, automotives and many more. During your two years with us you will work within a variety of sectors. 

Where will I be based during the initial programme? – You will either be based in Central London or in Manchester, depending on the role you apply for.

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