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Employed Consultant Model

The Employed Consultant Model plugs the gap between contingent and permanent workforce solutions. Its primary objective is to reduce costs, whilst ensuring a highly skilled and effective temporary workforce structure is maintained within your organisation.

Benefits of an Employed Consultant:

  • Our model can reduce contingent resource costs by up to 30% when compared to a contractor resource
  • Highly skilled, experienced resource, incentivised via an annual performance related bonus, this also helps with retention reducing contractor churn
  • All HR and contract management burden removed as well as co-employment and AWR risks
  • Training and development can be tailored to meet your current and future needs as we assist in reducing any skills gaps
  • Rigorous 3 stage assessment process means you get the best possible resource in the market place. The assessment process can also be tailored to your specific requests
  • An opportunity for you to assess our consultants with a view to hiring them on a permanent basis (after a minimum assignment length)
  • Rates remain static for a minimum period of 12 months allowing you to forecast and budget appropriately

Why your organisation needs these services?

  • If you have headcount restrictions, you can engage our consultants via a Statement of Work (SOW) or consultancy agreement
  • You have a mandate to reduce costs, but want to maintain headcount levels and receive a quality service from both your supplier and resources
  • You do not have the time or resource available to recruit for your organisation but want a thorough screening process
  • You want a resource that can grow with your organisation and be trained and developed to fill future skills gaps within your organisation
  • You want a contingent workforce which is incentivised to increase productivity

When to use an Employed Consultant

  • Conversion: Converting your existing contractor population to an Employed Consultant Workforce will help you achieve the cost savings you need whilst retaining the talent you already have on site
  • Replacement: Replacing your existing contractors with an Employed Consultant will help you achieve cost savings whilst introducing a fresh approach to your business
  • New hire: Engaging an Employed Consultant as a new hire will allow your business to achieve a cost saving from day one
  • Consultant retention: The skills are required now but the headcount is not approved, so the flexibility to transition your consultants to your own payroll is a desirable future outcome. 

For more information about this model and how it can benefit your organisation please contact the Novus sales team at


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