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Digital and e-commerce recruitment

Digital design and user experience (UX) roles is a creative and exciting niche to be a part of – successful candidates aren’t just technically proficient but also have an eye for design and usability. E-commerce is also a sector where the end user is paramount and may utilise technologies including supply chain management, online transaction processing and inventory management systems, and will use the internet and social media both to process transactions and gather data about users.

Unsurprisingly, this sector covers a vast range of industries. While well-known brands may require an online shopping presence, we find solutions for any organisation requiring a digital, online marketing or e-commerce role, from consultancies to gaming companies.

Contract and permanent roles

Some of our typical contract or permanent roles include User Experience Design, User Experience Architect, Interaction Design, Service Design, User Interface Design, Web Design, Visual Design, Mobile Design, App Design, Digital Design, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, User Experience Researcher, User Experience Strategist, User Experience Consultant, Creative Lead, Head of Design, Head of User Experience, Design Director, User Experience Director, Motion Graphics Designer, VFX Designers, 3D Artists or Animators.

Our niche specialists really get to know their market before they make a placement, which means keeping abreast of technological developments and listening to candidates to find out the latest trends. In this creative marketplace, we believe it is important actually to meet candidates face-to-face and integrate ourselves into their world. This might mean attending events and meet-ups or playing an active role in design or UX forums.

We work hard to build similar relationships with our clients. We firmly believe that the way to understand this complex sector is to get to know clients’ goals and strategies so we can recruit the talent that best fits the role or work with the client to shape the role to ensure they use the talent’s expertise in the most efficient way.

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