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Contractor transitions

We are experts at helping you consolidate your contractor population into a single, integrated supply chain. This consulting service allows all contractors that are engaged with you to work via one contract, eliminating contract variation per worker and ensuring that all vetting, deliverables and contract clauses are consistent, allowing significant cost savings for your organisation.

Contractors are a vital part of the IT workforce. Contractors pick up skills on every assignment they undertake, and these skills move with them as they spend time in other organisations. Unlike a permanent employee who may have spent a decade with one company and is familiar with only a limited range of technologies, contractors have a breadth of skills and an aptitude for learning new processes and creating bespoke solutions. Methodologies picked up in one sector can successfully be applied in another.

How we add value

The value of a contract workforce is undeniable, but clients with a lot of contractors on site can find that if they don’t recruit in-house, they engage with a large number of agencies in order to find the right talent for their roles. Multi-agency fees can quickly add up and multiple negotiations can be time-consuming, moving focus away from business goals.

Capita IT Resourcing’s contractor transitions programme means we take on all the negotiations with third-party suppliers and agencies. We implement a transition programme which onboards all an organisation’s contractor workforce to a single Capita contract. As the single point of contact for the client, we negotiate buyouts, manage your contractor payment structure and ensure that our rates are transparent.

Our rationalisation programme means clients deal with just one agency for their entire contract workforce. This saves time and instantly has a cost saving aspect which streamlines payment structures, leaving your organisation clear to focus on its future direction. 

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