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Case study: Legal services

An influential legal services organisation had an existing recruitment model that resulted in a high capacity of contract resource, which was not proving effective cost-wise. They wanted to streamline the number of contractors and increase the amount of permanent staff, in particular junior testers.

This approach supported the client's overall initiative to improve commitment-to-the-job, an ongoing issue when using contractors. They believed that having more permanent staff achieved longer-term knowledge retention, rather than going through the arduous process of trying to retrain contractors on a frequent basis.

Their requirement was for cost-effective testing resource with the ability to increase or decrease teams at short notice.

Our approach

Capita’s Novus programme was developed to bring UK talent to the forefront of the software testing and development industries. We take the best STEM and IT graduates, investing time, money and our industry expertise to train them. Their expertise will lie in either software testing, software development, or business analysis. These highly competent Novus can then be used by our clients as a low cost, low risk way to expand or backfill teams.

The flexibility of our Novus model was perfectly suited to our client’s requirements. We presented to them the concept of Novus and its flexibility, which meant they could have any number of young IT professionals at a particular time, with a quick turnaround for new requirements. After a visit to our training offices, the client felt assured that we would provide them with the high calibre resource they required for their testing positions.

Novus undertake a two year commitment to Capita, guaranteeing resource continuity. This was a more cost-effective option for the client, compared to that of using contract resources, whilst also fostering a long-term working relationship between the client and our Novus. In addition to the core Novus training programme, we can also provide tailored training on a number of subjects and technologies.

Our initial engagement with the client was to test an enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft Dynamic’s AX. We trained the client’s Novus in this technology saving them both time and money, as this additional training took place at our premises, rather than on their site.

As a result of Capita’s strong partnership, the client was easily able to fulfil additional resource testing requirements outside of the Novus model.

Results and benefits

The client was extremely pleased with the performance of Capita’s young IT professionals. They found them to be reliable, hard working, and enthusiastic to learn more. As a result of our engagement, they achieved increased flexibility in their test resource planning which meant they could react much quicker to requests for late projects. Overall, they were able to successfully meet their business objectives.

Find out more about our Novus programme here.
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