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Work is something we do, not somewhere we go

Iain Leaman

For the 70% of workers who don’t sit behind a desk all day or work a typical 9-5, Monday to Friday work week, mobile working means higher productivity and collaboration. But the idea of a mobile workforce goes beyond simply working from home. A mobile workforce is as productive away from as in the office, because it has access to the same applications, technology and data. With increasingly sophisticated technology and devices, workers can perform work that would otherwise have been done back at the office. Sales people used to need paper contracts but can now use hand-held printers and scanners, while medical workers in the field can use smartphone technology and diagnostic instruments to send data to a centralised medical team.

What are the main advantages a mobile workforce offers a business?

Better customer service: Employees can reply to customer emails throughout the day by using their mobile phone or tablet and businesses can provide 24/7 customer service with employees across time zones.

Less stress: According to a report from PGi, 82% of remote workers experience lower stress levels when working remotely, which can translate into higher productivity levels, fewer sick days and more employer loyalty.

Reduced travel costs: Video chats and meetings take the place of the logistics and expense of travelling to a central office location.

No work commute: With no commute, employees can add productive hours to their day or, if they use public transport, get work done during their commute.

Expanded talent pool and diversity: If employees are at home, companies are able to access a larger workforce, including disabled workers, care-givers and parents.

Higher retention and less absenteeism: Happier employees are likely to stay longer with an employer who encourages them to work more flexibly. More productive and engaged, employees will be less likely to call in for unscheduled absences.

From cost savings, to happier, more motivated employees, there’s no doubt that a mobile workforce can reap huge rewards for employers.

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