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Why recruitment agencies are better than you think

Looking for a full-time job, is a full-time job in itself. You can spend hours researching companies that interest you, visiting their careers websites and filling out arduous applications. If you’re already in a role but are looking for a new opportunity, it’s tricky finding the time to job search. So, why not take the pressure off and try using a recruitment agency? Read on to discover four reasons why you should take the recruiter route.


When you’ve been scrolling through job listings for eight hours a day, it can seem like the same roles start to appear again and again. Wading through unsuitable and repetitive job ads can get extremely frustrating and put you off looking for a few days. With recruitment agencies however, they’ll do the searching for you. They work with employers on an exclusive level, meaning that roles are only advertised through that particular agency. So you’d be one of the first to find out about new positions and you’d save yourself a lot of the legwork.


Understanding your skillset and how it transfers into different roles is important, but not all employers know how to write a good job ad. Some job ads for similar jobs can sound miles apart because of the different language used, so that it’s hard to know whether you fit the bill or not. Recruiters can decode the confusing language and give you advice on the types of roles you should be applying for and which ones to ignore.

Time saved

Recruiters have good business relationships with the employers they work with. Even if it’s a new company that they’ve previously not worked with before, they have the skills and experience with up-selling a candidate. When a recruiter is there singing your praises, explaining how you’d be a perfect fit and drawing parallels between your skills and the vacancy, there’s really no comparison with a traditional CV route. Overall, with a recruiter on your side, you’ll save time and effort on wasted applications.

Industry insight

Understanding what’s going on in specific industries and markets, or knowing if there are candidate trends, is all in a day’s work for recruiters. It’s insight you just won’t find anywhere else. They’re up-to-date with all sorts of industry knowledge and can advise you on alternative solutions, if the particular roles you’re looking for are few and far between.

So, why not have a look into using a recruitment agency today? If you’re short on time, want valuable insight and insider knowledge or are looking for a role in a specific industry, they could be just what you need to bag yourself your next role.

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