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Why CIOs are migrating to the cloud

Holly Copp

Migrating to the cloud is a huge overhaul to a company's infrastructure, so it's good to understand the reasons and processes for doing it. It can be a great way to improve efficiency and security, but how does it benefit management and individual employees? Here's why CIOs have been following the trend of migrating their operations to the cloud.

Shared responsibility

When a CIO and their team is running a central network, they must troubleshoot and solve every problem. It's their responsibility to ensure that every element of the network is up and running, even if it’s beyond their specific expertise. When the system is running on a large organisation’s servers, the CIO has the help of the host company and all of their specially trained tech support team. 


Projects can come in all shapes and sizes. A cloud based system allows storage to grow with the company's needs. It’s one less thing for the CIO to keep their eye on and means they aren't splashing out on terabytes of capacity that will never be used. 


When employees are working on projects together they can potentially be sat next to each other or on the other side of the world. With data restrictions on e-mails, they need a quick way to share files with colleagues. Because files are stored in the cloud and just a click away, cloud based operations allow for employees to share and work on files together, wherever they are. Very handy when you’re the CIO of a global organization overseeing projects across several offices.  

Backing Up

Accidents happen; whether it's human error or tech trouble, someone losing work or progress on a project can be massively detrimental to the business and to their motivation. In theory, every employee should be backing up their work at regular intervals, but with a cloud, the CIO can automate the process for every employee, even with the option to restore older versions of files from previous saves if any irreversible mistakes are made.

It's a challenge to get every employee motivated about migrating to the cloud, but these reasons help to show how it can improve their everyday productivity and help them achieve more in the same amount of time. Migrating to the cloud is a big decision and takes a lot of work to ensure the move goes smoothly. At Capita IT, we see the value in evolving with technology and ensure that all of our staff understand the benefit of a state-of-the-art system. If you want to be a part of the team helping the constant transition to the best tech, browse our vacancies.

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