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What’s so great about working in IT Recruitment?

Mark Goode

Recruiting is one of the most rewarding careers and being a recruiter in a specialist sector like IT comes with its own unique rewards and challenges. Below are some of the best reasons to become an IT Recruitment Consultant.

Use your people skills

With constant conversations, negotiations and meetings, you'll always be interacting with people as a recruiter. Social skills are essential in building a rapport and developing opportunities. You’ll often be persuading and advising people on important decisions (as well as enjoying a bit of banter with clients – which comes with the rapport built).

Challenging and engaging

Being a good recruiter takes a lot of research and preparation before you can find the right candidate for a role, especially in a specialist industry like IT. Trying to break down the job description and analyse candidates through CVs, emails and social media takes time. Finding the right fit isn't easy but it's an exciting process as you get closer and closer to the solution.

Build your network

Due to the nature of your work, you'll expand your professional network, meet people from all across the industry, it's a very social job. The better you network the better you'll be at your job, with a deeper pool of resources and a strong idea of where to look for what kind of talent.

Something new every day

Working with IT clients means a lot of variety, with all kinds of niche talents and abilities. Clients will require a unique approach to each placement, you'll have to research and find unexpected solutions. You'll find you learn more about the technology itself as you research skills and requirements for different job postings.

Make a difference to people's lives

Many people are defined by their careers - you can be the link in the middle that helps people find their dream job. As a recruiting consultant, you really do change lives, helping people climb the career ladder, make more money and enjoy each day in their new jobs.

Feel the benefits

Hard work pays off in recruiting. As a Capita IT recruiting consultant your rewards are directly tied into your success. We offer market leading commission, so how much you earn depends on how much you put in. We also offer additional training as well as career development incentives to encourage continued success and ensure you feel mentally rewarded as well as financially.

Driving future progress

Playing a part in IT recruitment means placing the brightest minds and talents into the most innovative companies, who are developing technology more advanced than ever. Recruiting's not just about changing people's lives, you're shaping the future for companies of all sizes.

If this all sounds appealing to you and you think you'd be well suited a career as an IT Recruitment Consultant, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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