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What employees want from an automated workplace

The rapid advance of AI and automation means that an increasing number of work tasks can be done by machines – from double checking payroll figures and reviewing job applications to transcribing and sharing notes from sales meetings. While automation can be a great tool for business, employers need to show employees that this technology is changing the future of work for the better and not out to replace them. In fact, it gives them time to get involved in higher value work.

Understanding what it means

Make sure you let your employees know exactly what automation means and why it is beneficial for them and the entire company. This will minimise anxiety and show them the positive impact on their role. Automation uses technology to carry out repetitive, manual processes. This streamlines workflow, but it also frees up people to work on more knowledge-based tasks, so they can use their skills more strategically. 

Get learning

Automation often requires human guidance or control, so make sure your employees have all the training they need to work with and alongside new automated processes. Investing in this will keep the company competitive in the short term and cultivate talented employees too.

Allow for transition

Whether you’re introducing automation in a department or company-wide, you need to make sure you have a pre-launch to train employees and talk them through changes. When you launch, you should bear in mind that things may take longer or you may experience hiccups as everything beds in. Post-launch, organise a time to go through learnings for improvement.

Don’t delay

Start your engagement process as soon as possible so you’re not hiding anything from your workforce. You want full engagement from the start, so get it.

Collaboration is key

Machines are able to work 24/7 but they can’t reassure anxious clients or demanding customers – the key to standing out in today’s marketplace, whatever you’re selling, is customer service. So put your employees where you need them, out on the front line.

Machines were invented to make human work easier and more efficient. But the workplace becoming more automated doesn't eliminate the need for humans — it also moves them forward.

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