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Virtual Reality: is it more important than we realise?

Iain Leaman

Virtual Reality (VR) is a term that's been thrown around since the 1980s, big clumsy goggles in arcades and visions of a society that never leaves the house, just plugged into a computer. VR today is more accessible for everybody, with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive kit available for just a few hundred pounds. Its primary use is in video games, which is partially because content for VR needs to exist in a digital 3D space, and this is also how a majority of video games are developed. So naturally, most skilled 3D modelers work in game development. This is changing though as new uses for VR are discovered and developed every day. Here, we look at some of those proposed uses and discuss the potential of VR in the future for the average citizen.

Safer jobs

With some jobs, you only get one chance to get it right. For pilots, surgeons, soldiers, there's no such things as too much experience. If VR can simulate the situations they'll encounter, it could help save lives. Learning how to react to different eventualities is incredibly valuable, and VR is useful here because providing such an immersive experience will help develop an instinctive response and users are able to test and improve their reactions in a safe environment.

House viewing

Moving house is stressful. You need to view each house to really get an idea of the space, which means booking appointments, travelling and using up your free time, only to find it's not right for you. With VR and improving 3D scanning technology, soon it will be the norm to load up a VR preview, view the entire house from every angle and maybe then decide to see it in person. It could revolutionise the way we buy and rent houses, changing the entire estate agent industry.

VR shops

Few businesses have disrupted an entire industry in the same way Amazon has dominated retail. Shopping online is a huge part of people's everyday lives, leaving the physical high street struggling. Can VR replicate the feeling of looking around a physical shop, or even go beyond it? With more exciting, smoothly integrated graphics, up close and personal celebrity endorsements and incredible, gravity defying displays that we've never seen before, all available to order to make an incredible shopping experience for users at home.

It is hard to predict exactly how VR will be implemented in the future, and these predictions are based partially on what we have today, combined with a little imagination. One thing is for certain, as the technology becomes more accessible and demand increases for brand new VR experiences, innovation will drive exciting new uses for VR, affecting and enhancing many elements of life as we know it.

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