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Top tech skills in high demand for 2018

We all know IT is an ever-evolving industry, but certain skillsets are currently driving IT recruitment trends. Here are just a few of the most sought-after skills in the early part of 2018.

Data science is in huge demand, partly owing to the rise of machine learning and partly because of the increasing value of data to organisations. Data scientists collect, analyse and interpret complex digital data, creating algorithms to manage this process and visualisations of the results. A thorough knowledge of programming languages, such as Python and Java, is a must. There's also an intensifying request for the business analyst, portraying their professional conclusions to the relevant people within the business who require the information in a quick and timely manner. Following this, they make recommendations based upon the information they have gathered.

Cybersecurity remains a huge area for jobs. Every day it seems there’s a news story about a data breach, the fallout from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal is yet to be fully felt... and that’s before we even mention the GDPR. Data security administrators and cybersecurity experts remain in high demand, demonstrating problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities as well as coming up with solutions to data issues before they get out of hand. In a business role, data security specialists will also need to define and control network security.

As the Cloud plays an increasing role in the way we use and store data, those with Cloud computing, DevOps and Software as a Service experience will undeniably find themselves in demand. Mobile app development is still crucial, too. 

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming part of our everyday life. Therefore, there’s certainly space for managers who can look after working groups including AI specialists and data science experts, plus those involved with the development of the products requiring such skills.

Behind the scenes, network and system administrators are vital as their experience is gained from having a specialised knowledge of an organisations network to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. The knowledge taken from this to the desk workers is incredibly important in helping communicate with service users in this combining tech knowledge and just as importantly people skills.

On top of these, the key skills always required in IT are adaptability and flexibility, in order to learn about and utilise new technologies as they emerge, and work in a way that suits the project, whether this is autonomously, remotely or part of a site-based team.
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