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Top reasons why you should work in IT

Beth Millican

Thinking about working in IT or looking for a refresher on why your industry is a great long-term career? The tech industry is a great place to work for a whole variety of reasons. Here’s our low down on why IT is it.

1. You’ll never be bored! One of the most exciting things about tech is that it’s always changing, so your role will be too. Never stop learning and you’ll never be short of a career in IT.

2. Innovation: Want to be at the cutting-edge of research and innovation, breaking boundaries and changing lives? Working in IT you’ll be exposed to new developments and concepts.

3. Career progression: There’s an IT skills shortage in the mid to higher level positions so the only way is up.

4. You can work in any industry: From the NHS to an investment bank to a video game start-up, the world is your oyster if you work in IT.

5. Salaries are generous: IT graduate jobs pay well – digital salaries are 44% higher than the national average. The outlook is good with progression, too.

6. Culture is valued: Tech companies lead the way with wellness initiatives, such as free food, massage and paid time off work to volunteer. But more than this, employees are genuinely valued.

In this fast moving and exciting sector, there are lots of opportunities for your future. So if you’re looking for an industry that’s growing in which you can grow too, take a look at tech.

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