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Tomorrow is coming. Be excited. Be ready.

The pace of change is speeding up – in science, in technology, and in business practice. Fresh insights are being delivered to us daily, through a variety of digital communications; email, SMS, display advertising, social media, and digital TV to name a few, and new digital channels are emerging more frequently. At the same time there’s been a relentless and permanent change in the relationships between organisations and their customers. Weeding out the fashionable from the effective can be a full-time occupation. 

Create Tomorrow is here to help 

Create Tomorrow has been developed by Capita to showcase innovative tools and techniques in action, and to help leaders and decision makers understand emerging technologies and new thinking that could shape the future of their organisations. It demonstrates the practical application of tried and tested approaches that could benefit your business. 

New topics are added regularly, profiling further areas of innovation that have the potential to be of value to you. Current topics include:
The website also brings together experienced and influential practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines to share their insights with you and help you make sense of the latest thinking.

Visit the Create Tomorrow website to find out more.

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