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Tips to stop interview nerves

Even the most confident of people find that interviews take them out of their comfort zone, so it’s only natural that the rest of us find them stressful, challenging and nerve-wracking experiences that we would rather do without. Unfortunately, they are an excellent means of sorting the best from the rest and recruiters are likely to continue using them for the foreseeable future. This means you will have to overcome your nerves and make sure you’re well prepared if you’re to land the IT job you have always desired. In order to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips to help calm yourself down before an interview.


The best way to make sure you’re absolutely ready for an interview and to dispel any anxiety about the appointment is to prepare exhaustively. Make sure you’ve researched the company you’re applying to, getting a good feel for their work culture, identity and mission statement, that you’ve brushed up on the latest developments in your industry or field and that you don’t leave anything until the last minute.

Plenty of time

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, relax and prepare mentally for the trial ahead. Being able to have a cup of coffee/tea in a nearby cafe (if there is one) can give your mind a little time to calm itself and think things over. Rushing, or even worse, turning up late, will only serve to make you more nervous.  


Practice is a tried and tested stress-reliever that will leave you more confident, better able to cope with difficult questions when they arise and more comfortable in the interview setting. Try and get as much practice with interview questions as you can - a little interview role play with a friend/family member can help a lot – and make an effort to consider which questions are likely to come up, as well as unique and interesting ways in which to answer them.  

Act confident

Though you may not feel it, putting on a brave face and acting confident is an important part of professional life. There are times when everyone feels a little intimidated or not as confident in themselves as they would like, but working in the IT industry requires an ability to project an air of self-confidence. Sit upright, speak slowly and clearly and be yourself as much as possible and you’ll find that you receive a much more positive response from interviewers.    


Finally, do not to underestimate the importance of good breathing technique to attaining a clear head and dispelling nerves. Before you enter the interview, ensure you have time to steady yourself with a few moments of slow and careful breathing, stretch to allow more oxygen into the lungs and allow your heart rate to slow. This will have an incredible effect on your state of mind and is great preparation for any stressful situation. 

Good luck with your interview!
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