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The value of hiring graduates

Nico McCord

The job market is competitive for graduates, not only competing against thousands of other graduating students, but also competing with experienced professionals. It can seem like an obvious choice to look for a candidate with the most experience, but there are some significant advantages to taking a chance on a recent graduate. In this article, we're looking at what they can bring to a team.


Graduates are literally investing in their future, they want to make good use of the time and the money they've spent over the previous 3+ years. This will be reflected in the work they do for the company. They'll be eager to impress in their first role and will put in the work to make sure they're doing everything they can to succeed in the industry they've been working towards. 

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Teach them good working habits - you can align them with your methods and philosophies. Hiring a graduate is a great opportunity to mould them into your perfect employee. This is also a chance for you to build a legacy in your industry. If you take the time to show them how to succeed, they might attribute their future success to your initial leadership. Simultaneously, your business will have a loyal employee, one who wants to reward you for giving them an opportunity in an uncertain time in their life. This is extremely valuable when combined with their familiarity with the company culture and precise skillset.

New perspectives

Graduates that you hire will have spent the last 3+ years learning about the history and current condition of the industry. This could mean that there are popular strategies and technology being used in the industry that you were not aware of. However, the new generation will be familiar with them and can help you integrate your team with a newer way of doing things.


Managers want staff that keep learning and pushing themselves in the role, bringing new skills and staying informed of best practice as well as the newest technology. Students have plenty of experience managing their own time, completing work to the highest standard, even making the leap to go for further education shows they're committed and willing to invest in their future. 


When you take on a recent graduate, they're leaving a class of 20 - 200+ similar students all in the same industry. These business links can be essential and help your team collaborate and communicate across the industry as well as help introduce you to people that you can work with. They'll be able to recommend a number of people with similar skills and experience. If you want to collaborate with the student's university, they can be a vital contact to help set you up with the right people to form a mutually beneficial partnership.

At Capita, we understand the value of graduates leaving education. We're always looking for enthusiastic candidates for our IT Skills Development Programme – Novus who will be the next generation of Capita IT leaders.

Our Novus graduates are the perfect solution to the UK’s growing IT skills shortage. Find out more about benefits of hiring Novus graduates here.

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