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The value of a strong personal profile on your CV

As recruiters will go through a vast number of CVs for each role, you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd and capture their attention. Ensuring your CV has a strong and compelling personal profile can certainly help you with that! Here we take a look at five top tips for writing a perfect personal profile.

1. Understand what your personal profile is for
A personal profile can mean different things to different people, but it generally refers to the short passage at the start of your CV that details who you are, what makes you suitable for the role and what you can offer. It also needs to be specific and demonstrate an understanding of the role you’re applying for.

2. Keep it brief
Though there’s no word limit for a personal profile, it’s best to keep it between four and six lines. While you want it to be short and concise, so as to retain the interest of the reader, you also want to pack in a good amount of information.

3. Avoid vague terms and buzzwords

Using the same tired buzzwords will leave you sounding like a carbon copy of all the other candidates. Try to sound unique as opposed to using typical words like ‘motivated,’ ‘dynamic’ and ‘entrepreneurial’. To the experienced recruiter they’re simply white noise. Instead, try and describe yourself and your IT experience and skills in a personal, honest and inimitable way.

4. Tailor your profile to the job
Sending your CV without adjusting it to the job description is a common mistake. Remember you should avoid sending the same CV twice. Every CV should be tailored to the specific business and role you’re applying for. After all, a cybersecurity position will require different skills to a role in social media management.
5. Demonstrate skills beyond IT
Although you’re applying for an IT role, you’ll need to demonstrate that you possess a wealth of skills beyond simple IT expertise. There are very few jobs where you work in isolation and don’t have to utilise other talents in order to excel, so it’s vital that you show you’re an able communicator, can work in teams and are capable of managing your workload, among other things.  

When it comes to writing your personal profile, take the time to consider how you want to represent yourself. You’ll only get one shot at a job, so make sure there’s no mistakes and that your profile leaves an impression. If you apply these five tips to your CV, you’ll hopefully be off to a good start.

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