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The most in-demand tech jobs for 2019

Mark Williams

In the technology industry that's always changing, with new jobs being invented every year, if you're considering a career move, you'll want to find a job with a range of futureproof skills that will guarantee your employability going forward. So, we've put together a list of proven tech jobs that will be in hot demand in 2019 and beyond.

Support desk engineer

A great first job for many, being a support desk engineer is one of the best ways to kick start an IT career. If you can solve problems quickly you’ll save time and money for the company as well as improve the customer’s experience. You’ll learn many skills that will be useful throughout a career in the technology industry, researching and learning about a product in detail, using that information and improvising to help find solutions for customers.  A lot of responsibility is given to a support desk engineer, as they are the first point of contact for a large amount of customers.

Business analyst

Getting the most out of data is key in today's world and as a result, data analysts are high in demand. As technology is implemented deeper and deeper into the running of businesses of all sizes, more data is available for operating an efficient business. If you have the skills and experience to find useful insights, compile meaningful reports and help to implement changes, you’ll be valuable to business owners and managers looking to reduce overheads and maximise opportunities.

Security analyst

Security analysts have become essential as wider audiences place more trust in technology. Any digital company that handles data of any kind has to ensure that hackers can't access it. A security analyst constantly scrutinises the security of the company's systems, looking for small openings that could compromise customer data. They report back, evaluating and making recommendations for improved security.

Cloud-based roles

In 2018, cloud infrastructure grew by 51 % and now 76% of enterprises are looking to cloud apps and platforms to accelerate IT service delivery. So, cloud specialists are a sure bet for today and the future. What kind of roles fall under that? Certainly, a cloud architect, who manages a company's strategy and oversees the development, and support for cloud-based applications. A cloud systems engineer will design and develop those systems, working closely with the architect. They will need a good understanding of a variety of programming languages (C++, Python, PHP, and Java), automation and DevOps.

DevOps engineer

A good DevOps engineer enables a company to deploy code faster with fewer mistakes. They manage IT infrastructure to ensure smooth collaboration between developers, project managers, quality assurance departments and anybody involved in the development process. A DevOps engineer is a problem solver with an advanced knowledge of what's required at each stage of development with the right people skills to tie it all together. Companies using DevOps processes reported they deploy code 30 times more frequently than competitors and with 50% fewer deployments fail.

If you think you're suitable for any of the hot jobs for 2019, take a look at our careers page to find all our vacancies in these specific roles and many more.

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