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The Future of Commuting

The way we work is changing. With increased flexibility in hours and holiday, cities like Gothenburg trialling a 6-hour working day, and working from home becoming increasingly commonplace, it stands to reason that the way we commute will change too. 

Here’s the likely three biggest changes coming in the not so distant future.

Automated buses 

Helsinki is in the later stage of trials for automated buses. Plans have started to introduce passengers to the latest round of trials in the Netherlands, it’s only a matter of time until London takes up the idea. 

With trains on the DLR already being driverless this full blown automation of the train network will naturally be followed by the automation of London’s buses. 

Whilst there are a number of roadblocks, it’s simply a waiting game until TFL decide to implement the tech on routes across the capital.  

Electric cars 

TFL has pledged £18 million in investment for electric charging stations for cab drivers by 2020. In a joint effort to reduce pollution and make travel for the iconic black cab more affordable we can expect more fleets of electric vehicles to be taking to the streets of London in the next 5 years.  

With London paving the way we can expect similar initiatives in other hubs around the UK, don’t be surprised to see Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol following suit by 2025.

Within the decade we should expect electric vehicles to be connected to Internet of Things (IoT). This allows for greater communication and integration between drivers, both commercial and private. 


Following in the footsteps of our Dutch and Scandinavian neighbours, and with more pressure for commuters to step away from fossil fuel based transportation, our cities will become more cycle friendly. 

The aim now is to increase safety and speed of transport on bicycles around London. There are a number of measures already in place – from cycle maps (like tube maps, only for cyclists…) whilst increased spending on infrastructure for cyclists being planned. 

With so much change on the horizon how do you think companies are going to capitalise on the evolution of the commuter journey?

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