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Surviving first day nerves

Isaiah Parke

You’ve done it, you’ve landed your dream job! Congratulations! But now, you’re feeling understandably nervous. Well, don’t worry, here are our top tips for helping you feel a little less anxious on your first day.

1. The best person for the job

If you’ve got the job, it means that the recruiters thought you were the best possible person for it, so you’re in the right place, you just need to get to grips with your new role, get used to the surroundings and meet your colleagues. Have faith and remain positive – few people like being thrown in the deep end on that first day, so you’re in the same boat as everyone else.

2. First impressions matter

First impressions count, so make sure you’re on time, look professional, work hard, are friendly to everyone you meet and avoid getting distracted with your personal emails.

3. Write everything down

There’s a lot to remember in that first week – and beyond – so jot down the log-in information, door passcodes and general instructions, to help you navigate your way around.

4. It’s OK to ask for help

Nobody expects you to be able to do everything on your first day, so if you’re stuck or unsure of something, just ask! If you’re talking to a customer and they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, tell them you’ll get back to them as soon as possible with everything they need to know.

5. Be proactive

Introduce yourself to people, make the tea round or send an email letting people know who you are – it’s a great way to familiarise yourself with your new team.

6. Go for lunch

You’ll likely be taken out for lunch on your first day – go! It’s a great opportunity to have some chats with your new colleagues, and let them know who you really are. 

And, finally, don’t forget to enjoy it!

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