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Starting a new job? How to make a good impression from day one

Tom Jones
By the time you step through the door of a new workplace, you’ve already proven you can do the job. You’ve nailed the interview, secured the offer and now you’re ready to go. It’s a fresh start filled with exciting new opportunities… But how do you ensure you hit the ground running and be on your game from Day 1?

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Whether you’re in the lift, kitchen or in the reception area, say hello to everyone you see. At the very least introduce yourself to everyone you will be working with directly. Take the initiative to network with colleagues, as they might not have time to come to you.

Ask questions

On day one of a new role you are going to be hit with a barrage of information – it’s unavoidable. What you need to do is make sure you don’t just nod your head and agree with it all. Ask as many questions as you need to, identify your key responsibilities and ascertain your targets.

Get organised

Don’t just jot down notes ad hoc – make lots and lots of notes throughout the day about the role, key contacts and the office hierarchy in general and other useful information. Spend some time organising your workstation; set up calendars, reminders and email lists so you can start effectively managing your time as soon as possible.

Find an ally

Find someone who looks like they know the ropes and who can act as your go-to information source, who understands the ways of your new office. Once you have identified your ally, they can help you decipher all the acronyms, in-jokes and office politics you might not yet understand.

Demonstrate your talents

You’ll already know how you sold yourself at the interview so why not demonstrate what you can do in those first few days/weeks? Keep a list of everything you achieve, how you are contributing to the company and if you receive any feedback. It’s a good habit to get into, and a handy reference for future performance reviews.

Understand what is expected of you

Set up a meeting with your manager as soon as possible to make sure you are both on the same page in terms of expectations and objectives. If you are at managerial level, book a meeting with your team to make sure everyone understands where they fit within the team. Be ready to adapt to your new surroundings and colleagues and be open minded about new ways of working.

Update your social profile

Once you have officially started in a new role, it’s time to update your job title on social media and start following new colleagues. With each new acquaintance you make, bolster that relationship by finding them on LinkedIn or Twitter. Now is also a great time to reconnect with former colleagues and request LinkedIn recommendations.

Soak up the culture

Every office has its own unique quirks. Be sure to start soaking up the office culture as soon as you enter your new place of work. Take note of interactions, dress code, hierarchies and general etiquette. You want to blend in as much as possible so always listen before you speak.

Have fun

Perhaps easier said than done, but try to enjoy those first few days of a new job as much as you can. Try and spend lunch with some colleagues or get to know your local surroundings. Yes, there’s lots of things to learn about your job, but you also need to know where you can get a great sarnie.

Your new role means new friends, new challenges and new ways of working. Remember that you have been chosen over other candidates to fill this vacancy. Everyone around you will be confident in your ability – make sure you are too.

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