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Recruiting in 2020: What you need to know

Andrew Clark

The recruitment experience is always evolving. Here’s our guide to four of the recruitment trends set to shape 2020.

Moving forward with technology

Technology continues to have a huge impact and we’ll see AI and ML used to help process applications and find candidates too, while video and VR will be used for interviews, showing prospective candidates around the office and as new ways to introduce candidates to people or places. New apps and platforms are being created all the time that allow technology to take care of every step of the recruitment and on boarding process. Expect to see more exciting technology develop in 2020.

Increasing diversity and accessibility

Increasingly, businesses are openly appreciating that diversity can help them innovate and succeed – more diversity of thought brings more innovation to the business. Therefore, there’s a focus on flexibility to help attract a wider, more diverse audience. And that also applies to accessibility within the recruitment and interview process, to make it easier for people who wouldn’t normally apply to be able to go through the process, whether that’s for someone with disabilities, mental health issues or autism, for example. We suggest doing some research around this trend and seeing what changes you can make in your business to open up your own recruitment process.

Focusing on skills and adaptability

With certain markets saturated, recruiters need to be flexible in their approach – looking outside their usual target market for people who can easily adapt to a role, rather than already be skilled enough for it. We’re moving away from specific technical skills to more of a focus on soft skills to open up to a wider audience. We also predict a focus on upskilling employees so that they can adapt to changing roles and technology and stay within the company, moving around the business. We’re already seeing a focus on soft skills – and this is set to continue.

Aligning employer brand with brand

The candidate experience should be consistent with the employer brand and strategy, creating a consistent message for candidates. We’re also seeing brands treating a candidate more like a customer with their own valued journey due to an increased awareness among businesses to the importance of a people strategy. We predict you’ll be seeing more of this over the next year.

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