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IT earning power in 2016

Aaron Serrhat
What do you get paid? If you are in a job you adore, the salary may not be that important. But if you can bag yourself a job you love that also offers a handsome wage, then you’ve really landed on your feet.

If you are looking for an industry that pays well, tech is a good bet. But it’s not just an attractive starting salary that lures people into these roles, IT is a hot area with data and mobile expertise in high demand. The industry offers a range of challenging and rewarding career paths, and the more experience you gain, the more choices you will have.

2016 looks set to be another lucrative year for today’s IT professional. IT is playing a key role in the recovery of the UK’s economy and has been identified as an important area of business growth. According to Computerworld’s most recent annual IT Salary Survey, IT professionals saw their salaries increase by 3.6% last year – and that figure looks set to grow further in 2016. By contrast, the average wage rise across all sectors will increase by just 2% in 2016, reports the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Want to earn more this year? Here are four of the top-paying IT jobs for 2016...

Chief Information Officer (CIO): £126,500 - £243,250*

Ten years ago, the average CIO focused on IT infrastructure. Today, their attention is also turned to evolving areas such as mobility, BYOD, and the cloud. The role of the CIO and their team is changing as tech moves to the forefront of business. As a result, the CIO now has far more say in business strategy and is a vital member of the C-suite.

Chief Architect: £120,000 - £155,000*

The main role of a chief architect is to ensure that IT functions across the company are able to work together seamlessly. Working on IT blueprints that specify how a business can turn a profit, chief architects are focused on creating a more joined up, synchronised approach to IT and its role in building greater business success.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): £98,250 - £149,500*

Cybersecurity is a very real concern for businesses of all sizes, and the role of the CISO (or ‘see-so’) has been elevated accordingly. The role of the CISO is no longer just about securing internal systems, it also requires understanding the digital processes and flow of information within a business and managing interference of those flows.

Data Scientist: £76,000 - £107,000*

Companies all over the world are now using big data analytics to help inform major businesses decisions, making the demand for data scientists greater than ever. Heralded as ‘the sexiest job in IT’ it’s a cool option for candidates with experience in structured data, data mining and predictive analytics. Managing and interpreting raw data will become increasingly important across all industries giving skilled workers a plethora of career options.

More hot jobs to watch

Of course, not everyone who works in IT is a senior executive. The spectrum of roles within the industry is broad and covers areas such as development, business analysis, infrastructure, compliance and operations.

Looking at honing your tech skills or focus on a key area within the IT industry? Here are three roles that could see significant increases in salary over the coming year.

Mobile Applications Developer: £32,500 - £61,500*

Most mobile applications developers are focused on developing customised mobile apps to meet very specific requirements. Specialising in one mobile platform, mobile app developers manage the whole process from concept and development through to testing and release.

Web Developer: £36,500 - £55,000*

A web developer is concerned with the back-end of a website, namely the programming and interactions on webpages. This role is focused on how a site works and how users perform different tasks on the site.

Web Designer: £27,500 - £47,250*

Not to be confused with the role of web developer, a web designer uses graphics and graphic design software to create a website’s look and feel. That design is then linked with coding to bring the site to life. A creative role, the best designers use their intuition and imagination to design an amazing user experience.<br
If you are looking to boost your earning power in the year ahead, then the IT industry is the place to be. Whether you are just starting out or working your way up the career ladder, the more tech experience you gain, the greater your salary potential. Your perfect IT job could be just round the corner – and the pay is more than you might expect.

*All salary figures taken from the 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide (1) and (2).

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