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Is this the right IT role for me?

So, you’ve been contacted about a new role, or maybe seen an ad for a job that intrigues you. But before you get carried away with the salary, or assume that your skillset makes you a shoo-in, take a step back: is this role the right fit for you?

Carefully read the job spec: not only do you need to assess whether your specific skills match the role’s requirements, but you also need to think about whether the role will interest you, or challenge you. And while your skills may be just what they’re looking for right now, what opportunities will you get to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills so you can stay ahead of the curve? In the IT industry this is of course of particular importance, as technology and software evolve every minute of every day.

Next, think about the employer. Does the organisation for which you’re considering working have an ethos with which you agree? Do its goals and working practices fit with your own values? More immediately relevant, what about the office or team environment in which you’ll be working? Do you know anyone who already works there? What can they tell you about the working culture or the management style?

Of course, remuneration is important, and there’s no point in pretending it isn’t. But consider job satisfaction, too – just as it would be soul-destroying to take a role that you found truly boring because it paid well, don’t sell yourself short taking on a job you know you’ll really enjoy if the money isn’t going to be enough for you to live on. And this brings us neatly into the lifestyle question – is the job compatible with the way you live your life? If you need to consider childcare, does the position offer flexibility?

What about your career path? Is the job a natural stepping stone towards your career goals, or is it simply the right job for right now? And if it’s the latter, what’s your plan to move on? You don’t want to get a reputation for being someone who starts a job but doesn’t see it through. Think about the management structure where you’re considering working. Is there opportunity for promotion, if that’s what you want, or to point you towards the next job on your career ladder?

So, before you say “yes” to the interview, consider professional and personal satisfaction. If you know you’ll not only bring skills and the right attitude to the role, then go for it. But do your research and make sure the job takes into account your future as much as that of the organisation offering the position.

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