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Implementing DevOps - Capita's Novus Programme

On Thursday 21st April, Capita’s Novus programme hosted their ‘Implementing DevOps’ networking event in Manchester.

The evening was a great opportunity for IT professionals to better understand how to implement DevOps in their organisations and how it has enhanced companies within the IT sector. The presentations covered a number of areas of DevOps including the different approaches to implementing DevOps and the benefits of this movement.

Presentations by our guest speakers focused on a number of significant issues around a DevOps implementation from different industry sectors:
  • Bobby Sethi, Business Manager from Capita’s Novus Programme, provided an overview of Novus and what the programme has to offer. Novus is working on bridging the gap in IT skills in several areas including DevOps.
  • Colin Mitchell, Financial Services and Insurance Director at Delphix, discussed the importance of data in a DevOps implementation, and that Data as a Service (DaaS) allows environments to be created quickly for users, driving time efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Keith Watson, Agile Delivery Manager from Ordnance Survey, discussed his experiences implementing DevOps at Ordnance Survey, including the cultural change needed for successful implementation, and the time needed to see a DevOps implementation project through to its conclusion.
  • Karen Howard, Novus Training Manager from Capita's Novus Programme spoke about the lack of young people starting careers in DevOps roles and the impending skills gap in this area as current DevOps team members move to more senior roles.
Following the presentations, a Q&A session offered the audience the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers directly. Questions included were: how long it takes to implement a DevOps environment; and how to best make use of remote teams when implementing DevOps.

Key points from the evening:
  • There are many definitions about what DevOps is and what it isn't, fundamentally it's a process which aims to drive efficiencies and help businesses to deliver quality quicker and more cost effectively.
  • It is important to consider the size and type of the business when implementing DevOps; there is no one-size-fits-all DevOps implementation strategy.
  • Implementing DevOps takes time to become a success, so it is important to regularly promote small successes to the rest of the business to demonstrate the benefits of the implementation.
  • Integrating graduate-level staff into DevOps teams is similar to integrating any other staff member into a DevOps team.

Quotes from the speakers:

"In three years we will have a severe skills gap in the DevOps market so we need to start addressing that issue now." Karen Howard, Capita's Novus Programme

"Data as a Service (DaaS) means consumers of data (Testers and Developers) can have instant access to accurate data which saves time."Colin Mitchell, Delphix

"To have DevOps fully operational it takes around 12-18 months (depending on the organisation) but it is a continually evolving process to implement a DevOps environment." Keith Watson, Ordnance Survey

If you would like to find out more about DevOps and how the Novus programme can help you please contact or call 0161 274 7906.

Capita's Novus Programme

The Novus programme bridges the gap between university and the world of work, bringing IT talent to the forefront of the IT industry. With the ability to offer bespoke training according to client's unique business needs, Novus provides industry-accredited training to IT and STEM graduates in a range of IT roles including DevOps, Development, Testing and IT Business Analysis.
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