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How will AI impact software development

Megan Ball

In the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) was described as any task performed by an IT programme or machine that a human would have had to use intelligence to accomplish or solve. Since then, AI has developed hugely, from solving algebra word problems to learning to speak English. And today, we come across AI pretty much everywhere, from Siri and Alexa, to personalised ads and the self-driving Tesla. But how will AI impact software development? How will we see the job of a software developer or tester change?

Well, AI is already impacting all aspects of the software development lifecycle but there here’s where we expect to see more changes:

1. Testing and coding – AI will aid testers in locating errors in software and be able to mechanically fix it. It will also be able to guide testers and developers in the right direction, helping to prevent the developers from making similar errors in the future.

2. Customised apps and ads – mobile apps are using AI to drastically improve user satisfaction.

3. The potential of blockchain is exploding – and this means organisations in every industry will use this technology.

4. Cybersecurity – AI will be used to identify possible hackers before they even launch an attack. However, something to bear in mind is that if the bots are misinformed, it could likely pose a huge threat to cyber security itself.

5. Low-code development – this is a faster way to build and deploy apps and allows developers to build software without expertise in coding. Mendix – the leading low-code platform – was recently bought for $730 million, clearly showing that low code development is a trend this year.

It’s clear that AI has had a huge impact on software development so far – and its potential in 2019 and beyond is limitless. The developers with the right skillset have a huge opportunity. However, it’s never too late to enhance your skills.

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