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How to speed up the hiring process

Iain Leaman

Good candidates don’t always hang around. That’s why an efficient hiring process is key to recruiting success. Here are our top seven tips for speeding up the hiring process.

When it comes to recruiting, the longer it takes to find someone, the more it costs and, ultimately, the more frustrating the whole process becomes. Recruitment is often underestimated by companies in terms of both time and money but having a clear set of procedures in place will not only make it an easier, more targeted and organised process; it will also ensure you find the right person much more quickly. Here are our top tips for success:

1. Determine who you’re looking for: What are the duties and responsibilities of the role? Does the role profile need updating since it was last hired for? 

2. Write a clear – and enticing – job description: Make sure you include the non-negotiable skills required for the position – you’d be surprised how often this isn’t done. Outline the key responsibilities. Be honest. Don’t overpromise.

3. Look at your internal network: Could any of your existing employees take a step up or sideways? Would they want to? Ask.

4. Use job boards: And social media. And your colleagues and co-workers to spread the word.

5. Be selective: Don’t feel you have to get a large number of candidates through the door – if you think three of them could potentially work, invite those three to interview, don’t invite seven because that’s the number you’ve been told to interview. It’s a waste of time – both yours and the interviewees – plus, it’ll drag the recruitment phase on for longer.

6. Don’t be afraid of technology: It can improve every step of the recruitment process – from analysing your job description, to sourcing and screening candidates, and even interviewing them. If there’s a tricky area for you, look into how technology could help you. 

7. Choose: And let the candidate know as soon as possible that you’d like them to join your team.

Once your chosen candidate has accepted the position, make sure you have a good onboarding process in place. It’s good to keep your new employee informed and excited about this next step in their career path. Good luck!

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