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How to motivate and engage your team

Mark Goode

Employee motivation is a hugely important aspect of leadership. Motivated employees mean increased productivity, commitment and satisfaction, resulting in them coming into the office everyday feeling enthusiastic and ready to contribute. So, how do you make sure your team feels more inspired?

1. Keep them connected: Let your team know what’s happening in the company – keeping employees in the loop means they’ll feel more connected rather than coming to their own conclusions. Hold regular meetings with financial information available, so they can see how the company is doing and their role in it. 

2. Don’t micromanage: Your team will be more successful if you show them you trust them to make their own decisions rather than breathe down their necks! 

3. Set a good example: If you’re motivated and passionate, your team will be too.

4. Get creative: Your team spend a large amount of their working lives in the office so a positive work environment that’s welcoming and comfortable will be much appreciated.

5. Encourage team work: Create a culture of openness and collaboration and be prepared to welcome new ideas at any level.

6. Give them a career path: Employees want to feel they’re working towards something, so provide a clear way for them to talk about and set objectives, and what happens when they do.

7. Offer training: Provide your employees with the training they need to shape their careers and they’ll reward you with loyalty – and their new knowledge.

8. Look at work/life balance: Where you can, offer a flexible schedule so that your team can juggle their work and personal lives. If a team member feels their contribution is worthwhile, even if that’s after work when the kids are in bed, they’ll work harder for the team.

9. Get personal: Know who your employees are – where they’re going on holiday, who their partner is, how many children they have and don’t forget to write a handwritten note in their Christmas card. It’s touches like these that make a team feel more encouraged.

10. Say thank you: It doesn’t take much but it means a lot.

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to motivate your team but take some of the tips above and see what makes a difference to your employees.

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