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How to make an impact when starting a new role

Starting a new IT job can be a daunting experience, especially when you feel like you have to make an immediate impact and show what you’re capable of. Though your first few weeks may set the tone for the rest of your employment, it’s important that you don’t place too much pressure on yourself. 

Nerves are understandable and employers know it can often take a little time to settle. However, it’s important to try and make a statement of intent if possible, ensuring that your employers are reassured that they made the right decision, and giving your boss greater trust in your abilities. Here, we take a look at five ways you can make an impact in your first month.  

Take on responsibility

Though it may be tempting to ease yourself gently into a new role, this isn’t the only thing an employer wants. When first starting a job, throw yourself into it with enthusiasm and take on as much responsibility as you can handle. Don’t overload yourself, but don’t shirk back from opportunities to demonstrate your talents. 

Employers will be looking at your first few weeks in the business to try and establish what kind of an employee you’re going to be, what they can expect of you, and how much they can trust in your abilities.  So prove you’re an asset to the business and get involved with as much as possible.

Learn to prioritise

Starting at a business always involves taking in an incredible amount of new information and recruits need to be adept at prioritising if they’re to use their time efficiently in the first month. Try to establish essential tasks and determine what can be left until later at an early stage, and really focus on processing and understanding those things deemed essential. If you’re not sure what tasks should be deemed most important, it’s a good idea to ask.  

Acclimatise to new systems and technology

In the IT industry, in particular, it’s important that you get to grips with all the essential technology and new systems as soon as possible. While you may be used to doing things in a certain way, don’t cling on to your previous work habits. Instead, adapt to your new surroundings, work out how things are done in the office and begin to work in the same way. If you’re unsure about a particular piece of technology or application , ask for advice from someone who uses it frequently. Not only will it develop your understanding, but it will give you  an opportunity to get to know colleagues as well.


For many, the worst part about starting a new job is having to go through the process of introducing yourself to an entirely new group of people. However, if you are a little shy or socially awkward, don’t let it show. Instead, make sure you’re open, honest and friendly with everyone you meet and look to get to know people as quickly as possible. 

Aim for quick wins

Finally, in your first weeks, it’s important to try and get the ball rolling immediately and notch up a few quick successes. Though eventually you’ll settle into a more steady routine based around long term goals, try and identify how and where you can make an impact straight away. At the end of your first month, it’s good to have something to show for your work, so make those tasks on which you can really make a difference an absolute priority.

For the majority of your first few weeks, you’ll be confronted by a whole host of strange new tasks, tech, people and processes, so it’s important you hold your nerve. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your utmost to integrate into your new team. 

Most importantly, make an effort. Co-workers and colleagues can tell when someone’s honestly trying to get to know other members of staff and will usually respond in a positive manner. It’s also important to remember that your turn as the office newbie will soon come to an end and, after a month or two, you’ll be a solid part of the team and those first few weeks will be forgotten.  

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