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How to get the most from your recruitment consultant

Jason Fashanu
If you’re working with a recruitment consultant to find a new job, it’s essential that you understand how the process works and what you can do to get the most from them.

Working with a recruitment consultant can provide you with unique insights into the market and can be beneficial in terms of time saving too. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a brief guide on how you can get the most from your IT recruitment consultant.

Be transparent and honest

One of the most important aspects of using a recruitment consultancy is building a strong relationship with your designated consultant. It’s incredibly difficult to sell a candidate if the consultant doesn’t know much about you. The consultant will also not be able to guarantee that you’ll be a success in the business in which you’re placed.

You’ll need to be honest and transparent with your consultant to get the best results. What do you want from your IT job? Are you looking for a role that takes your career in a specific direction? Do you want to work with new technology? What are you willing to do and what are you not? What are your salary expectations? What type of organisation would you like to work for?

By providing as much information as possible, you should increase the likelihood that your consultant can find you a role that you are suitable for. This will also increase the chance to land a job that meets your skillset and provides appropriate career advancement opportunities.

Ask questions and search for advice

IT recruitment consultants are typically very knowledgeable about what specific businesses are looking for, what skills applicants need to demonstrate if they’re to succeed, and what common pitfalls candidates need to avoid. Make use of such expertise by picking their brains whenever you need to. Not only does it provide you with a deeper understanding of what you need to be doing, but it shows that you’re serious about finding a job and willing to do what it takes.

Find out if there are any gaps in your IT knowledge

You may be a highly skilled IT employee that really knew your stuff when you last applied for a job, but times change and the IT industry moves incredibly quickly. Consequently, it’s vital that you update your skill set and understand what’s happening in the IT industry today and what skills are in demand. Your recruitment consultant should be able to tell you where you’re falling behind and what you need to improve on if you’re to bring yourself up to speed and make yourself the perfect package.

Provide all the assistance you can 

While these tips will help you to get the most from your recruitment consultant, it’s also important that you keep in regular contact with them, provide regular feedback on interviews and give them the best possible chance of selling you as an employee. 

Remember that many consultants will have long established relationships with businesses and won’t be prepared to jeopardise these by offering up someone they’re not sure of. Show them that you’re capable, raring to go, and just what an business is looking for.

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