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How to get graduate recruitment right?

Lisa Wallace
Recruiting the right person can be time consuming and costly. More and more companies have been considering graduate recruitment, however, it’s not necessarily a cheaper option and on top of that, there’s little guarantee that your business will come out of the process with the employee you desire. Capita IT Resourcing are hoping to change that with their Novus Graduate Programme. Here, we take a look at how much it costs to hire a graduate and how the Novus Programme can reduce or eliminate many of these costs.

Cost of hiring the right graduate

Even if you find the perfect graduate for your business, they’re going to require investment if they’re to reach their full potential. The most obvious cost of hiring a graduate is the time and resources directed towards training and integrating them into the business. This cost doesn’t only include direct monetary investment, but also the decreased productivity of those responsible for on-boarding and training new recruits. In addition, there’s also the cost of attracting and finding the right graduate for the position. This includes the entire marketing, assessment and selection process. 

Cost of hiring the wrong graduate

Repeatedly hiring the wrong graduate can have a negative impact on the senior staff responsible for recruitment and training. If results don’t live up to expectations, many people feel as though their time and efforts have been wasted and this can lead to a reluctance to fully invest themselves in the training of other new graduates. 

Similarly, failing to retain graduates may have a drastic effect on team cohesion and morale. If employees constantly have to adapt to new recruits, it can be difficult to bond fully. Effective teams depend on the ability to communicate and collaborate clearly and efficiently and both of these qualities require time and patience if they are to develop properly.  

Benefits of Novus Graduate Programme

Capita’s Novus Graduate Programme is designed to mitigate many of these costs for employers, bringing recruitment expenditure down and providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional graduate recruitment strategies. By completing the assessment and selection process on behalf of employers, Capita are able to provide organisations with a geographically flexible array of candidates, all of whom receive bespoke training in order to prepare them for the specific demands associated with different businesses which helps to simplify the onboarding process.

With the Novus Graduate Programme, the importance of flexibility is emphasised. The period of time graduates spend with a business is versatile and open to change, extensions are guaranteed if desired, and on-going training and development is also provided. The flexible nature of the Novus programme operates a ‘try before you buy’ policy that gives businesses the opportunity to explore the potential benefits before they fully commit.

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