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How to attract and retain top tech talent

Richard Hunt

Attracting and retaining top tech talent is very challenging for many organisations in the UK. It may become even more of a challenge when they transition to a hybrid workforce that combines the strengths of humans and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning.

This shift will change the way employers resource and, as they do so, digital skills will be in even higher demand, while there will also be a broader requirement for all workers to be more comfortable and skilled in managing and interacting with technology. Consequently, this will lead to fierce competition for talent.

With the demand for technology skills only set to increase and this shortage inevitably growing, employers must begin to listen to their employees, understand what they want from who they work for, and deliver it. Salary, location and progression opportunities are the top three factors attracting employees to a job. As much as the media touts that your people will be replaced by robots, your workforce is more valuable than ever.

Employers admit that finding candidates with the right skillset is the biggest challenge they currently face when hiring. Upon finding a talented candidate with the appropriate skills, salary expectations can be another barrier to attracting and retaining talent. Managing candidate salary expectations in the hiring process and once hired can be tricky. What could help to improve such a contentious situation? The answer lies in data.

On average, more than half (54%) of skills gaps could be addressed by better use of data. Not improving data and insights is seen to result in more difficulty retaining talent, candidate experience suffering and losing candidates to competitors.

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