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How is robotic process automation reshaping the customer experience

Businesses have always been aware of “customer service”, but this is now shifting into the “customer experience”. Customer experience is about understanding that every touch point a business has with a customer – online, offline, physical or virtual – has the potential to shape their decision about your company, and ultimately, whether to buy from you. As recently as 10 years ago, everyone was familiar with the phone call to a utility provider with a voice recognition service, that just didn’t understand what you were saying – frustrating, without a doubt. But that’s all changed.

Proactive and personalised

Enter robotic process automation. In its simplest form this can be defined as a process where logic-driven robots are able to carry out pre-programmed functions when it comes to structured data to achieve a process or transaction. So the bot is able to evaluate, decide, learn and act. But the value is not making everything self-service – it’s about enhancing the real value of the service. Rob Maille, Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, CommerceCX believes that 2019 will see more organisations conducting more user research, so they can look at customer journeys, and from here take a closer look at the people, processes and tolls that don’t align with their value. With better guidance here we can provide better overall automation. Plus, it is possible to predict what customers’ future behaviour is likely to be – so whether they’re likely to buy a product, for example. Rather than mass service, everything becomes more proactive and personalised.

Productivity goes up

There are also potentially huge productivity benefits here. This technology frees people up to be able to work on more creative tasks, or a longer term business strategy, for example. Whether entire tasks are automated or automation is used to enhance productivity, it will reduce costs, speed up customer handling and make interactions increasingly personalised. And it doesn’t stop there – robotic process automation should help you rethink automation across the entire spectrum of work, not just the customer experience. It gives every aspect of the business the power to drive projects forward.

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