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How do you measure success in IT?

Stacy Chance
IT is an area in which it is relatively difficult to quantify success, as there are so many criteria on which any project, development or solution can be assessed.

If you are working in IT, you will be only too aware of the way the industry moves and how it can be tricky to showcase your talents in the form of hard figures that prove your success. The key is to focus on what really matters and appreciate that IT is so different to many other sectors.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT has revealed its latest book, Managing IT Projects for Business Change, is linked to this subject and shows a thorough understanding of a company's needs and context are incredibly important.

In fact, it may be just as vital that you have sound business knowledge as well as great IT skills if you are to truly make a success of your next project.

Author of the book Jeff Morgan said: "Many projects go wrong because success is treated as if all you had to do was beat a deadline or a budgetary constraint. The intent is to deliver products that meet a business need."

Co-author Chris Dale added: "When deliverables are regularly in use, and are useful to the business, the project passes the final and true test of success."

Getting to grips with the issues mapped out in the book could be the key for IT professionals looking to make a name for themselves in the sector. After all, with varying guidelines on what demonstrates success in this area, it is important to have an understanding that allows you to highlight your achievements.

Ultimately, if the systems you install, maintain and run allow a company to record positive results and improvements in areas such as efficiency and productivity, it is fairly safe to say you have proved a success in your IT role.

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