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How can the UK overcome its tech talent shortage

Aiden Pople

According to a report from the Edge Foundation, Skills Shortages in the UK Economy, an estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology are costing £63 billion a year. The report’s author, Edge’s Director of Policy and Research, Olly Newton, commented: “We are currently relying on the talent and skills of people coming from abroad, but clearly with Brexit on the horizon we need a new strategy.”

Indeed, with the demand for technology skills only set to increase and the skills shortage growing bigger, it could be a great time to future-proof and change your career. If, you thought that people were being replaced by robots, you couldn’t be more wrong. True, jobs in retail, hospitality, transport and manufacturing are at risk from automation. But when it comes to the tech industry, it needs the right people, with up-to-date skills, to operate and work seamlessly alongside it to get the best results and make the most of it.

The tech revolution

Almost every business has technology at the heart of what they do – whether they know it or not, they need roles, including security analysts, UX designers, AI programmer, filled. And that’s where they’ll come to a specialist recruiter that knows the difference between developers and designers. It’s clear that recruiters will need to lead the way here and will play a key role in ensuring that candidates have the right skills and knowledge.

And, of course, technology will impact even the recruiters’ role – AI will help provide higher data accuracy, while the recruiter will use their empathy to fill in the gaps. This is an exciting time, whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter, to see if the UK will be able to step up to the current tech talent shortage that we’re currently facing. Our prediction, yes, we will see the gap between the jobs required and the people skilled in it narrow – as long as job seekers are willing to re-skill and up-skill and that the current school leaving generation recognises the potential of this ever-changing industry.

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