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Future of apps

Smartphones are undeniably part and parcel of 21st century living. The average person now checks their phone 46 times a day, with those between the ages of 18-24 habitually checking their phone up to 74 times each day. Furthermore 85% of time spent on our phones are within an app, which is unsurprising considering that apps facilitate almost everything you can do on the device. With these apps becoming more instrumental, in this post we ask what is the future for apps?

The Cloud

With the majority of phones having built in storage, and no way of upgrading hard storage, we are going to see a shift to Cloud hosted applications. Why download an app and host a tile within your handset, when you can utilise the app directly from The Cloud? We will also see a shift in how operating systems incorporate integration with apps. This trend we can only expect to see grow as we are provided with progressively faster, and more reliable 4G connections. 

User experience

Increasingly, apps are becoming incorporated within our daily routine; we’re consuming more data and demanding access to information throughout our daily lives. Checking the weather when you wake up, or making sure your train is on time en route to the station. As we become more dependent on these functions apps must ensure they are collecting real time data, and accurately feeding this back to the public. Over time these services will likely overtake the need for websites and services, which businesses should already be future proofing for.

Integrating your environment

Whilst User Experience becomes more vital in our day-to-day lives we’re going to see a rise in intelligent suggestions based on your application use and online activity. For instance, if your cookies suggest you’re shopping for a record player, you might get a push notification as you walk down the High Street to alert you of a store stocking the model you’ve shown interest in. Similarly, your fridge may be delivering a notification to your SmartWatch to make sure you’ve picked up milk on the way home…

Efficiency of development

Development operatives will have to find more effective ways of developing apps with data and analysis being the key to success. Currently, the provision of data and subsequent testing and approval of data is causing the biggest blockage to quick development. When we have a higher amount of storage capacity, or storage held within The Cloud we can expect to see the development cycle speed up considerably.

Augmented reality

In the past month we have seen the birth of a Goliath, Pokemon Go, peaked with 23 million people playing in the US - certifiably more than any other app, ever. With this basic use of Augmented Reality, and similar functions being used successfully by the likes of Snapchat, we can only expect this trend to stay, and skyrocket for both entertainment and information based apps over the coming years. 
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