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Employed Consultants – Benefits for hiring managers

Adrian Godding
Picture the scene: You have been tasked with building a team. However, your company happens to be in the middle of a recruitment freeze, meaning what would usually be a fairly straightforward process has become far more problematic. Not only are you under strict instructions not to increase headcount, you are also feeling under pressure to meet deadlines. Freeze or no freeze, you need additional resources, and it’s up to you to find a workable solution. 

So what are your options? Contracting the work out is one possibility, but the cost restraints won’t allow it. Permanent hires would be more cost effective but the headcount must stay the same, and the work really does have to get done on time. You need to be more creative in your thinking… 

The solution to your problem is the ‘Employed Consultant Model’:

Why should you use this approach?

This approach can help in 3 ways…

1) It keeps the headcount static
2) Saves 15-20%  on the price of traditional contractors
3) Gives you the resources you need, with the flexibility of a contract resource

This may be a fictional scenario, but it is the basis of situations we see repeated time and time again  throughout our customer network. So, next time you are faced with a hiring quandary, consider Capita’s Employed Consultant Model. 

Here’s a guide to how this approach to recruitment could benefit your business…

What is an Employed Consultant?

A permanently employed Capita consultant, supplied on an interim basis as part of a wider team or as a standalone resource. They specialise in their chosen field, whether that be project management, business analysis, PMO, testing or development.

What are the business benefits of Employed Consultants?

There are a range of benefits to having a highly skilled and effective temporary workforce structure within your business. These include:

1. Quick way to secure talent

Employed Consultants undergo robust assessments meaning you can secure top talent precisely when you need it. These assessments, as well as training and development opportunities, can be tailored to your specific needs and help fill skills gaps. Plus, having Capita conduct the screening process for you saves your business valuable time and resource.

2. Cost savings

Savings of up to 20% are possible when recruiting an Employed Consultant through Capita compared with the cost of hiring a traditional contractor or consultancy resource. Whether you are replacing existing contractors or engaging a new hire, an employed consultant will save money and inject a fresh new outlook into the business. 

3. Headcount levels remain unaffected

Employed Consultants sit outside of your cost base meaning consultants can be engaged without affecting the headcount. Perfect when you are looking to boost your output but not your permanent employee numbers.

4. Greater retention rates

As we incentivise our consultants via an annual performance-related bonus, you can avoid high contractor turnover, which can be a real problem. As a result, you can retain much-needed resources for longer and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity. 

5. Tax implications are removed

When you recruit an Employed Consultant through Capita, they are employed by us rather than your company. This means that your business doesn’t have to worry about IR35 or AWR regulations.

6. Greater flexibility

Employed Consultants offer a scalable, stress-free solution to your resourcing requirements. Resource can be scaled up or down, quickly and easily, while keeping in line with the ever-changing business landscape.

Our Employed Consultant Model has plenty to offer UK businesses across a wide variety of sectors. If you would like to find out how Capita can help you achieve these business benefits call the team on 07808 016314 or find out more about Employed Consultants Model.
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