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DevOps in 2016 - Capita's Novus Programme

On Thursday 3rd March, Capita’s Novus programme  hosted a ‘DevOps in 2016’ networking event in Central London. The evening included presentations by experts in the field of DevOps and networking with senior IT professionals from a number of leading firms across the UK.

The presentations focused on a number of key areas of DevOps:
  • Matthew Smith, Senior DevOps Lead from ypobo, provided a definition of DevOps to frame our discussion, bearing in mind the confusion in the industry at present.
  • Karen Howard, Novus Developer Trainer from Capita, spoke about youth engagement in DevOps and discussed the need to encourage junior talent into the field in order to fill gaps being left by senior staff.
  • Keith Watson, Agile Delivery Manager at Ordnance Survey, gave an overview of his journey implementing DevOps at Ordnance Survey, and highlighted the need for a cultural change alongside the change in tools used, in order to make implementation a success.
  • Will Barnard, Business Development Manager from Novus also highlighted how our *Capita Novus programme can help businesses with the implementation of DevOps.
A Q&A session followed the presentations, with keen interest in finding out more information from our speakers around how to successfully bring about culture change when implementing DevOps; how to manage the expectations of senior stakeholders; and how to show compliance with industry standards when undertaking the move to DevOps.

Key points from the evening include:
  • Communication at all levels within the business is critical to help ensure a successful DevOps implementation. This means a robust change management plan needs to be in place prior to the shift towards DevOps.
  • The culture change that takes place as part of a DevOps implementation takes time, so patience is key.
  • There are relatively few junior or graduate DevOps roles currently being advertised. Unless we recruit and train substantially more DevOps graduates, there will be a severe skills gap in the coming years when current mid-level team members look to move on or up. 
  • The developing skills gap leaves average day rates likely to skyrocket if this entry level issue is not addressed.
  • Graduates and juniors can be integrated into DevOps teams in the same way as we would integrate into any other team; a lot of experience is not necessary to participate fully. 

Quotes from our presenters:
  • “Automation and tooling are necessary but not sufficient conditions for successful DevOps - DevOps has to include planning for business transformation and culture change as well as changes to working practices and methods.”- Keith Watson, Ordnance Survey
  • "DevOps is about making small measurable changes and then acting upon those to make better, more informed decisions. As such I always explain the DevOps process as 'Make it work. Make it better.'" - Matthew Smith, ypobo
  • "Integrating graduates into DevOps teams can result in the following advantages: less experience so less preconceived ideas; graduates are not caught up in old processes and procedures and are more open to new ways of thinking." - Karen Howard, Capita's Novus programme
*Capita’s Novus programme
The Novus programme bridges the gap between university and the world of work, bringing IT talent to the forefront of the IT industry. With the ability to offer bespoke training according to client’s unique business needs, Novus provides industry-accredited training to IT and STEM graduates in a range of IT roles including DevOps, Development, Testing and IT Business Analysis.

If you would like to find out more about DevOps and how the Novus programme can help you please contact or call 01444 447221.

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