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Data driven recruiting and HR analytics

Iain Leaman

Undeniably, data has helped e-commerce revolutionise the way we live. So, how can a similar data-driven approach help when it comes to recruitment and HR?

In this day and age, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. It’s worth exploring what we can learn from e-commerce to make recruitment more convenient and successful.

Treat jobs like products

Your end goal is to fill a role, in much the same way that a company wants to sell their products or services. Consider the man-hours your company spends manually reviewing candidates and think how you can apply that budget to advertising the roles to the specific target audience. Advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook enables you to break down your audience by professions, locations, education level, years of experience, pay level and more. When you're reaching the right audience, then you can focus on representing the role in the best way.

Build tighter audience profile

Searching the job role in a certain area on LinkedIn is a great way to begin the search for a candidate. Online market research platforms such as YouGov enable you to discover more about your target audience, break down the population by job role, education level, experience, pay level etc. This allows you to discover their attitudes, find out what they think of your company, which social media is best to reach them on or even the advertising they're most receptive to.

Use data to predict forecasting patterns

Use existing data to adjust your approach to the next hire. Break down the average amount of potential candidates reached before you make the hire. In this way you know the rough amount of people you need to be communicating with to find your next hire. This data will be refined with each wave of hires and you may find the average number of potential candidates varies depending on factors such as time of year or advertising method. 

You can use these insights to continually optimise your recruitment strategy, save money, save time and establish yourself as the most efficient way to make a hire. At Capita IT Resourcing we have access to market leading data and innovative ways of recruiting.

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