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Big Data & Data Analytics Event April 2017

Waqar Zaidi
On Tuesday 25th April 2017 Capita IT Resourcing hosted a Big Data and Data analytics event in central London. 

Our host Doug Brown (Chief Data Scientist at Capita) welcomed two data science experts (Ryan Moriarty (Lost My Name) and Simon Rowse (Capita) to the panel of speakers who presented to our audience consisting of Big Data and Analytics professionals. 

The event took a focus on the performance and value of Big Data and Analytics in positive and tangible ways to drive business performance and also looked at how it can play a key part in helping businesses grow, showing the importance of Data Analytics and application in the workplace. Our presenters provided the audience with noticeable examples of success stories and hints and tips as to how to get the most value from your investment in Big Data and Analytics.

Ryan Moriarty revealed how finding out more about your customers through Data Analytics can help excel sales through knowing your audience, and understanding what they are looking for. Enabling customisation of the book from the name to the area the child lives allows Ryan and his team to understand more about where the sales are mostly coming from and how they can be improved. This is vital as Lost My Name are an organisation that make a range of books that are personalised around children and adding a special touch to the story.Then finally Simon Rowse disclosed how you can extract important data from Data Analytics to get real value from the data extracted, and how important this is for further application in the organisation. 

 In particular, the presentations touched upon the following:
  • Doug Brown (Chief Data Scientist, Capita) – How data analytics and employee engagement can create business value
  • Simon Rowse (Analytical Solutions Architect, Capita) – Analytical maturity of organisations and the supporting infrastructure required to generate real value from Data Science
  • Ryan Moriarty (Head of BI and Data Science, Lost My Name) – Using data to create impossibly personalised storytelling
Other key points from the evening included:
What is Data? What is Analytics? What is Insight?
Human Behaviour, Relationships, Decisions & Emotional engagement
Analysing data to see and look closer into the problem for a solution
Data-driven growth
How Lost My Name’s attribution model works
How Lost My Name used data to shape their customer experience
Prediction of ROI through data analytics

After a brief Q&A, we all enjoyed a selection of finger food and drinks to network at the bar before finishing around 9pm.

‘Augmented humanity will be the key feature of the effective use of technology to facilitate human interaction and behaviour ‘(Doug Brown, Capita)

“In order to promote the benefits of a data driven strategy, you must give stakeholders a reason to believe via demonstration of the effective application of data, insight and action. “ (Doug Brown, Capita)

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