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Are you ready for GDPR legislation?

GDPR will come into effect in May 2018, less than a year away now and there will be substantial penalties for non-compliant businesses. If you are not yet compliant or don’t have all the necessary steps in place then take a look at our 30-minute webinar put together by Capita IT Professional Services (ITPS) and presented by Graham Clark (ITPS Sales Director) and David Marsh (Capita GDPR Compliance).

GDPR is set to have a global impact, affecting the use of personal data on all EU nationals. Elizabeth Denholm (Head of UK ICO) explained in a recent talk ‘the new legislation creates an onus on companies to understand the risks that they create for others, and to mitigate those risks. Its about moving away from seeing the law as a box ticking exercise, and instead to work on a framework that can be used to build a culture of privacy that pervades an entire organisation’.

Businesses that don’t comply and show transparency in how they collect and use data can expect fines up to 4% of gross annual turnover. According to experts, 90% of data breaches will incur in a ‘shadow data environment’ so its important to understand where your data is.

View our webinar to find out more about the Capita GDPR toolkit which offers a 3 phase approach to baselining and understanding the current position of your organisation, identifying the gaps and developing the subsequent road map of actions that you need to apply between now and May 2018.

Capita ITPS will be hosting a series of free webinars throughout 2017, to sign up for upcoming webinars please contact them.

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