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7 ways to support LGBT employees

Paul Toms

When someone feels supported and safe at work, they’re much more likely to enjoy their work. This also means, as an organisation, you’ll be able to attract and retain the best talent. Here are seven tips for LGBT inclusion in your workplace.


1. Make sure your policies are fully inclusive. Offer equal benefits to all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, including pensions, parental leave, adoption leave, time off to care for dependents and health insurance.


2. Consistent and ongoing training. You need to make everyone aware of how to foster an inclusive workplace and all employees should be educated on LGBT issues. You might also want managers to look at how to address homophobia and transphobia in the workplace.


3. Establish employee resource groups. These voluntary, employee-led groups are designed to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace, identifying key values, engaging people across the business and creating fun social occasions.  They are also great for boosting employee engagement.


4. Engage allies. A vital element of ensuring inclusivity for all is to engage employees who don’t identify as LGBT and can spread the message that diversity is to be celebrated in your organisation.


5. Get senior support. Ensure senior leaders show their support for LGBT inclusion and send a positive acceptance message around your organisation.


6. Support your local LGBT community. Provide information to employees about local events and groups. You could also invite speakers to share their experiences. Engaging with the LGBT community beyond obvious events can send a strong message about diversity at your organisation.


7. Celebrate your successes! Show the world what you’re doing in the LGBT space – every step you take is a step towards acceptance of an inclusive workplace.


Try these seven tips today and see how you could better support LGBT staff in your organisation.


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