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7 ways contractors can add value

Michael Snow
Do you have a project that needs a speedy turn-around? Do you need specific skills and experience that you lack in-house? Sounds like you need a contractor…

The thought of hiring a contractor can be an exciting one for many businesses. It saves time and money and usually suggests a company is experiencing a period of expansion and growth. Many companies regularly use contractors as part of their strategic development plan, while others see them simply as a way to fill a short-term skills gap.

Whatever view your company takes of contractors there’s no denying that they bring with them a number of benefits. Here are some of the ways contractors can add value to your business.

1. Access to skills and technology
It makes sense for businesses to use consultants when recruiting for roles in fast-growing sectors such as IT. As demand for these skills changes businesses need to be able to adapt quickly – and hire even quicker. Using contractors allows you to do just that. Plus, contractors bring with them knowledge that allows businesses to stay up-to-date with modern technology. 

2. Cost-effectiveness
At first glance this may not seem the case, but contractors offer cost-effective solutions to long-term recruitment needs. Contractors are typically paid more per hour than permanent members of staff but are not entitled to company benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, redundancy payments, pensions, maternity or paternity leave, and profit-based bonuses. By engaging with specialist IT contractors, for example, businesses are getting better value for money in the long term.

3. Increased flexibility
It’s advantageous for businesses to be able to manage staff numbers according to changes in the market and economy. The ability to rapidly increase (or decrease) capacity as needed is key to business success. Employers with fluctuating workloads can hire contractors for specific technical projects safe in the knowledge that they will leave when the project is complete (thus avoiding the need for redundancy or dismissal). 

4. Experience on tap
The experience a contractor can bring to a company is invaluable. Having learned from the successes and failures of previous projects, contractors are able to draw upon a far wider range of recent experience than most permanent staff members. They will invariably have been exposed to some of the most cutting-edge technology and can share their knowledge and experience accordingly.

5. Greater efficiency
The beauty of using contractors is that they are specialised and ready to go. Their level of expertise means that they can hit the ground running, meaning businesses avoid the time and cost spent training staff to do the same job. When time is of the essence (as it so often is), the more effectively a project is managed the better.

6. Boost internal skills
There’s a lot to be said for learning on the job and this is a real benefit for permanent staff working alongside contractors. While hiring a contractor has an immediate impact on the range and level of skills within an organisation, it will also have a long-term effect for staff members. As well as bringing key skills to a project, contractors can offer mentoring, promote best practice and encourage expertise sharing. And as many employers would agree, all opportunities that prompt employees to learn and think differently should be embraced.

7. Flexibility made simple
A business may use just one contractor, but it may also use multiple contractors. Engaging with a number of contractors is a great way to fill skills gaps, but it also means that a company could be dealing with numerous agencies to find the right talent. Capita IT Resourcing consolidates all contractors under a single contract, and manages payroll too. This means businesses save time and money, and can stay focused on their business goals.

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