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6 ways to incentivise your workforce

Andrew Clark

There’s no doubt about it – happy workers are more productive and are more likely to stay with a company. Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is essential. But while cold hard cash works for some, it doesn’t act as an incentive for all. So what can you do to incentivise the different worker types in your team?

1. Autonomy: If possible, give your employee more control over their work – whether it’s more flexible hours with a caveat that they still have to get the work done, or calling the shots on a meeting topic and time. Flexible working enables your team to work when they’re most productive, so if they want to do the school run, avoid the commute or are an early bird or night owl, they get the job done and get a work life balance that works for them.

2. Mastery: Everyone wants to be great at what they do, so show your employees how they’re progressing, give them constructive feedback and get them to work towards a training course, if that’s relevant and possible.

3. Engagement: Not sure what would motivate your team? Ask them. You could pop a suggestion box in the communal kitchen. Once you’ve got feedback and ideas, you could create clear goals for them to succeed, while benefitting the company’s bottom line.

4. Volunteering: Spending time as a team while at a foodbank, raising donations for a charity, or painting the local community centre for example, will boost collaboration, relationships and – as a bonus – give the company some good PR.

5. Community: You don’t have to spend every lunchtime together but a monthly lunch on the company is a great way to get everyone out from behind their desks and in a more relaxed environment. Company BBQs or an annual summer party give your team an excuse to get together and something to get excited about.

6. Say thank you: Everyone appreciates a shout out when they’ve done a good job.

Employees who are engaged and connected with your company, will directly impact your productivity, profitability and potentially growth and revenue. You don’t want to lose a good employee, so keep them satisfied at work and you’ll reap the rewards.

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